Samri Math Price-in-Time for NinjaTrader 8


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2021 Major new release:

Samri Math Price-in-Time v7 (click to download v7.1.8 uploaded 27-Jan-2021)

  • Date for year start selected automatically.
    • For MM traders: Year start date can be based on Lunar phenomena, with the “Harvest Moon” as a default
    • For Gann traders: Year start date can be based on Solar phenomena, with “Winter Solstice” as a default
    • For other traders (assuming they know what they’re doing): a recurring annual date can be set, and used as the start date for each trading year
    • Ability to manually adjust year start date (forward and backward) is retained
  • Lightweight menu option introduced.
    • New menu has most basic options you’re likely to use, and takes on NinjaTrader’s native “look and feel”
    • Older menu, with more options, can be selected if required.
  • Candle Waists introduced (at request of MM traders)
  • MM line values exposed, so you can use them in calculations


If you use Murrey Math methodologies in your trading, this indicator is a must-have. True practitioners of Murrey Math rely on “squaring price in time”, setting the start of the trading year to the so-called Harvest Moon, and then tracking the price as it moves in time.

This indicator does the tracking automatically, telling you which Murrey Math frames are currently active (and, thus, governing price movement), in addition to showing you the range in which price is moving. With this indicator (and with knowledge of Murrey Math methodology), you should be able to predict likely reversal points, whether they’re occurring because price has reached a certain level, or because we’re entering a time-reversal zone (e.g. exiting a frame).

IMPORTANT: Because this indicator is based on both Price AND Time, it only works with Day and Minute bars. For Renko, Range, etc. consider purchasing the RT Intraday version which is based purely on price movement.

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With this indicator you’ll also receive a fully-fledged drawing tool, which you can use to draw your own Price-in-Time squares based on your own calculations. That said, the indicator has no less than four algorithms for its own calculations, and should be sufficient no matter what methodology you use.

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