Samri Math RT Intraday for NinjaTrader 8

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2021 Major new release: 
Samri Math RT Intraday v2

  • Quick access menu bar:
    • Change frame size, algorithm and specifications directly from the chart menu instead of the indicator window
    • Turn on/off the diamond grid, the historical plots, and waists directly from the menu
  • Baby Lines feature introduced: show the baby mmL’s
  • Candle Waists added
  • MM Line values exposed (for external access)
  • Audible alerts for potential frame shift detection (experimental feature, by request)

As this is a purely PRICE-based interpretation of Murrey Math methodologies, it will work with all bar types, even those that do not take TIME into consideration, e.g. Renko, Range, Volume and Tick charts.

Although the factor of time does not feature in the calculations, this indicator does allow you to implement, or at least monitor, time-based aspects – if you know your Murrey Math and know what you’re doing!  A fully featured Murrey Math grid, or “diamond”, can be generated by the indicator, and anchored based on a variety of parameters: when the price levels shift, at a specific point in time, at a specific bar, or at a specific number of bars ago.

Multiple algorithms are included for calculating price levels, including one that is optimized for Renko charts.

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The Murrey Math Grid included with the package can work as a stand-alone drawing tool, so you can anchor it at any price range and time range. Whether hand-drawn or automatically generated by the indicator, the Grid is fully customizable. You can choose your own colours for the pricelines (horizontals), timelines (verticals), speedlines and momentum lines (diagonals), and the circles of conflict. It also allows you to shade price areas which you want to focus on. Any of these elements can be switched on an off. So if, for example, you don’t use the circles of conflict in your trading, you can simply have them removed from the Grid.

2 reviews for Samri Math RT Intraday for NinjaTrader 8

  1. R. Steinberg (verified owner)

    This is an outstanding product. I was quickly convinced how much this product helps to determine key support and resistance levels as well as providing a map to trade the market. The vendor is also extremely responsive to inquiries. Highly recommended.

  2. Roy

    This is such a fantastic tool in helping to determine key levels to trade. Amazing!

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