Octet Hunter for Futures/CFDs

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New Update’s Additions:

  • Ability to add “Baby 8th” lines to chart
  • Ability to specify colors/styles for octet lines
  • Additional rulesets with quicker targets (e.g. 10-20 points on NQ instead of 20-40 points)
  • Experimental rulesets for trading VIX and derivatives

Note: I’m releasing this indicator for a limited period while I continue working on the strategy (i.e. trading bot) based on the same algorithm. The indicator product will be phased out when the strategy is eventually released (at around $250-300 per month). If you prefer discretionary trading and find the indicator more appropriate for your needs, please adjust the number of months accordingly.

This product is an indicator and not a trading bot (yet). It will find a trading range for the instruments* listed below, and will generate suggestions for trade entry. In other words, this is for discretionary traders and you will need to manually enter trades and their profit targets/stop losses.

It should work with any intraday configuration you use. My personal preference is 15- or 16-minute bars, and 60-minute bars seem to work well, too. I’ve also seen good results with Renko-type bars. I’d be interested to see some screenshots by traders who use other bar types like Tick and Range etc.

You will need some basic understanding of trading using MM and Samri Math (like buying at 0/8th, -1/8th and -2/8th; selling at 8/8th, +1/8th and +2/8th; and favouring quick scalps around the 4/8th). The sideways arrows suggest you use Buy-Stop or Sell-Stop orders. Otherwise you can simply use Limit orders.

* Currently Enabled:

Index Futures e-Mini Futures e-Micro CFD
S&P 500 ES MES @SP500
Dow Jones Industrial YM MYM @US30
Nasdaq 100 NQ MNQ @US100
DAX (Germany) FDAX FDXS @GER30
U.S. Treasury Bond futures ZB    
Volatility Index futures (VIX) VX VXX ^VIX

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1 review for Octet Hunter for Futures/CFDs

  1. James (verified owner)

    If you are a Murray Math follower, this is a great product to have.

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